Sustainable tourism against gentrification

Travel, leave a positive impact and sustain the area's identity

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Welcome to Hoodbnb!

Hoodbnb is an online community platform for apartment and room rentals which, as its name indicates in reference to the popular English tale, distributes wealth within the neighbourhood and the city. Hoodbnb is the first platform of this kind which actively fights and tackles the gentrification and touristification of cities in order to maintain their identities and habitability for the locals. This enforces a new kind of sustainable tourism beneficial to the area that we are visiting.

How do we do this? Until now these sorts of platforms were a mere intermediary between two parts: guests and hosts. We introduce a new third part to the game: the LBP, or Local Business or Project. You, as a guest, can choose them as the benefactor for half of the commission that Hoodbnb would earn for your reservation. During your trip, you are able to go to this local business and spend that half of the commission there.

In other words, imagine you're travelling to a popular city and you plan on staying in a cool area that a friend told you about. However, you've also heard that this area is not quite how it used to be due to increasing gentrification and over-tourism. You don't want to contribute to this negative phenomenon and you want to ensure that your visit has a positive and sustainable impact on the area, so you book an apartment through Hoodbnb. Upon booking you discover that just around the corner from the apartment is a local fruit store which has so far survived gentrification. You decide to select it as the benefactor for your reservation (you need to eat during your trip anyway!) so you receive a voucher for the value of your assignment which you can spend in the store just like regular currency. (Let’s say the total commission for your reservation is 20€, half of it goes to Hoodbnb, the other 10€ you would get them back in the shape of a voucher to spend in the selected local fruit store).

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