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Jobs And Collaboration

Jobs & Collaboration

Ever had the feeling that your job lacks purpose? That your work just increases someone else's wealth and leaves no positive impact on society? That besides getting paid to pay your rent, bills and expenses, there's no deeper meaning to your daily routine?

This is exactly the feeling that inspired the creation of Hoodbnb!

Do you like the idea of Hoodbnb? Do you feel like participating in a project that is more than just a project; it's also a cause for a better world, a better society? 

We're looking for enthusiastic collaborators with experience, who share the values and goals of Hoodbnb. Let’s be honest, as we're just starting we're looking just for volunteers who are willing to spare some of their free time to contribute to the cause and grow together! (And you would be taking the “hood rocket” right before it's launched!)  

We need a hand with the following roles:

  • Front-end web developers
  • Back-end web developers
  • Online marketing strategist
  • Content manager
  • Legal adviser
  • Local public relations (in your city)

Want to collaborate but have no experience in the sectors above? You can always help us by spreading the word!

If you have experience in one of the sectors above, want to invest in us, or want to collaborate in any other way, please send us an email at