Sustainable tourism against gentrification

Travel, leave a positive impact and sustain the area's identity


Hoodbnb - Who are we? 

The original idea of Hoodbnb came from the question of “if the neighbourhood is the one being affected by an increase in visitors, why shouldn’t it directly benefit from it?” And this is exactly what Hoodbnb does.

Hoodbnb idea came from the experiences of its founder, Daniel Vidal, who has lived in several different capital cities in Europe. Every once in a while he would visit these cities again and he began to notice that they were looking more and more alike. The neighbourhoods which he loved back then and found so interesting were turning into soulless theme parks. His favourite places were gone; instead of local bars, libraries or special shops that he used to love, there were café’s and fast food restaurants belonging to multinationals, and clothing stores belonging to massive chains. The identity, the soul, and the culture of those particular places was dying. All that remained was a business open to anyone who wanted to profit from mass irresponsible tourism. Most of the time there wasn’t really another option or way to travel. Hoodbnb is here to be that option.

At a time when we are traveling frequently, Hoodbnb emerges as a business project with an important social character. It intends to change the way we understand tourism and our relationship with the surroundings and environment of the place we are visiting. Hoodbnb’s goal is to turn the negative impact that our visit might involuntarily inflict on the area we’re visiting into a positive impact.

Our mission is to change the way we understand tourism and to make it sustainable. To stop or decrease the gentrification of the places that are suffering from it. To preserve the identities and particularities that make every place unique, which are, after all, the main reason why we visit these places. To provide the visitor with a local experience while at the same time allowing them to feel that they are doing something positive for the place that they are visiting.

For these reasons the mission of Hoodbnb is to offer a quality service and a social alternative to the way we plan our trips. To change the way we book our temporary housing online, knowing that, with just a click of the mouse, we are going to leave a positive impact on the place we are visiting.