Sustainable tourism against gentrification

Travel, leave a positive impact and sustain the area's identity

How it works

How does it work?

Hoodbnb is an online community platform for the short-term rental of apartments or rooms in a sustainable way. It aims to fight the gentrification and touristification of our cities to help maintain their identities and their habitability for locals. At Hoodbnb we recognize local businesses as the main factor in making a city or a neighbourhood unique. Keeping these local businesses alive is our main goal.

Until now these sorts of platforms were a mere intermediary between two parts: guests and hosts. We introduce a new third part to the game: the LBP, or Local Business or Project. You, as a guest, can choose them as the benefactor for half of the commission that Hoodbnb would earn for your reservation. During your trip, you are able to go to this local business and spend that half of the commission there.

Depending on the area where it’s situated, this LBP will appear in a list amongst other LBPs in the area where the guest is making a reservation. The guest will see this list prior to the payment page during the reservation process. The total of the commission destined to LBPs is equal to half of the total commission. The guest will be able to choose which LBPs (one or several) are going to be the beneficiary of the commission that the guest is going to allocate to each of the selected LBPs. If one or more of the LBPs selected are local businesses, the guest will receive a voucher via email for the value of the allocated commission to be exchanged directly with the LBPs for products or services, just like standard money.

To make it simple: You, as a guest, can decide what to do with half of the commission that you would be paying to Hoodbnb. During the reservation process you can choose which business or project you’d like to benefit from your visit.

In order to enjoy our services, these LBPs should register their profile to our website as LBPs and wait for our approval. Approval is dependent on whether they fit certain requirements and characteristics depending on what kind of project it is.

In the case of local businesses (main benefactors of the Hoodbnb project):

 - The business must be operative in the same neighbourhood for at least 10 years.

 -  Mustn’t be part or belong to a chain or multinational.

Social spaces:

 - Organising events and activities for the neighbourhood.

Art projects:

 - The artist must be a permanent resident of the city where their project is registered. The project must be done or shown in this very same city.

Ecological and environmental sustainability projects:

 - New projects, either social or technological, related to the improvement and protection of the environment.

 - Collaboration with current projects for the protection of the environment (for example, NGOs, clean energy companies, etc)

Projects for the protection of the patrimony:

 - Projects related to the sustainability of tourism and its coexistence with local patrimonial and monumental heritage. These projects must be related with a monument or archaeological site nearby the city where it is being registered. These projects can be particular, educative, organized by an NGO or governmental. 


 - Other projects related to a problem or situation in the neighbourhood or region where it is being registered and in need of financing.


This way we create what we call “x3 win tourism”:


x1 Win: As a host, you are helping to sustain the identity and habitability of your own neighbourhood while at the same time being a local host to your guests.


x2 Win: As a guest, you are staying in a local’s - typically more affordable – place, and instead of leaving a negative impact in the neighbourhood or city that you are visiting, you are leaving a positive one, just by being a customer of a local business with the commission of your reservation. This helps the neighbourhood to keep its identity (as we understand local businesses are one of the main factors that make neighbourhoods unique) while at the same time allowing you to get to know a local place!


x3 Win: As a LBP (Local Business or Project) you’ll gain new customers to the business that you - and perhaps also your family - worked so hard on for years. The extra custom and income will help your business to survive price increases in your area and the often unfair competition created by multinationals and big chains. Additionally, as a project (social space, neighbourhood association, local artist seeking financial support, ecological project, patrimony protection, etc.) you would generate some extra cash for your idea or foundation!


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